Diet buckwheat and kefir - how to use?

Diet buckwheat and kefir - how to use?

Experts on rational nutrition among the products that are of paramount importance to lose weight, always mention the buckwheat and kefir . Among ordinary people's diet on buckwheat and kefir enjoys a good reputation, but not everyone knows how to use these products correctly, ie - With the maximum possible benefit to the organism.

How to lose weight on buckwheat with yogurt?

Species diets on buckwheat and kefir, there are many. Gentle options allow dilution of the diet of other dietary products, more stringent - eating only buckwheat and kefir. The result is a more strict diet, of course, much more important, however, it can only survive in the absence of serious diseases, and for a short time, to lean on the nutrients the diet does not hurt the body's health.

Easy variety of buckwheat, kefir diet:

  • in the morning - 200 ml of yogurt and an apple;
  • day - 100 g of buckwheat, and 200 grams of cottage cheese;
  • evening - 50 g of buckwheat, 100 g - Meat (beef with no fat, turkey or chicken breast ), 100 grams of salad;
  • before going to bed - 200 ml yogurt.

At a variety of strict diet for weight loss need to fill buckwheat kefir. To prepare the main dish diet, you need to wash a glass of buckwheat, pour cereal in a bowl and pour the bulk of its 250-300 ml of low-fat yogurt. Useful slimming porridge will be ready in 24 hours. Bloodthirsty buckwheat kefir consume 100-150 g every 3 hours, complementing the meal a cup of green tea. But observe this diet can not be longer than a week!

Another simple but effective variation of the diet - steamed buckwheat and kefir. For this buckwheat diet to save valuable substances steamed with boiling water for the night: a glass of grains per 500 ml of boiling water, the remaining water in the morning drained and buckwheat, divide into several times (without salt and other additives) are used during the day as a main dish. Wash down with steamed buckwheat should be low-fat yogurt (norm - 1 liter per day).

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