Watermelon diet - a minus of 10 kg per week

Watermelon diet - a minus of 10 kg per week

Every woman tries to look attractive, and with the emergence of excess weight of the fair half of mankind are beginning to search for decent diet that can quickly and efficiently deal with the typed kgs. Considerable popular watermelon diet minus 10 kg per week, but is it really such a result possible? Let's look in more detail.

How long can you sit on a watermelon diet?

Please note that to comply with diet, during which people will use only one watermelon permissible doctors only once a year. Just this time, to the period from late August to September, when the most delicious watermelon and useful for the organism. The main benefit of this berry is its ability to rid the body from adverse substances. It consists of 90% water, containing only 1% of the dry matter. The watermelon of trace elements iron prevails, and from vitamin - potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium , vitamin A and C and E. Follow this diet allowed even for people suffering from diabetes. Watermelon diet for 10 days helps to cleanse the kidneys, intestines and liver. It is the perfect solution for those people who are obese. The main thing - the right and out of respect for such a strict regime.

Contraindications watermelon diet

We draw your attention to the fact that in addition to the positive effects of such diet can harm the body. It is unacceptable to comply with watermelon diet for persons suffering from the following ailments:

  • kidney stones, since they may move and damage;
  • diarrhea as watermelon supplementation will facilitate removal of excessive fluid from the body, leading to dehydration;
  • disruption of the digestive system - acceptance of watermelon can exacerbate the problem.

That is why for those who are interested in the question of how to lose weight on a diet of watermelon, should take into account the consequences. Get this berry with a special responsibility, because you need to get only the benefits of compliance of such a diet. In addition, the period of time, there are several other important factors such as diet berry size should be at least 8.10 kg. Choose a watermelon correctly, and only then it will benefit your body. Too little berry can be nedospevshey and too big - pumped chemicals. Patting on the watermelon, you should hear a ringing sound. Pay attention to the tail, which should not be too green. Watermelon diet minus the extra weight provides for the use of this berry in certain quantities. In a week in accordance with the statistics, following such a diet, you can lose 5-7 kg, but in order not to gain weight at its end it is important to get out of it. The basic principle is to receive watermelon fruit weight based on weight. That is, you need to eat 1 kg of watermelon for every 10 kg of your weight. It is recommended to comply with such a regime

Watermelon diet - a minus of 10 kg per week
food diets not more than 5 days. This is due to leaching of calcium from the body. After passing this course, your body is fully cleansed of harmful minerals, slag.

What is important is the correct way out of watermelon diet, providing for the use of useful, low-fat foods such as porridge, cottage cheese, fish, vegetables and dietary meat, and you can continue to eat watermelon for dinner.

We draw your attention to the fact that the diet of this kind allows us to pass on a healthy diet , without exhausting itself, and along with exercise can lose weight much faster.

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