Diet with hot pepper

Diet with hot pepper

You really lost hope to lose weight ?! Then this article - that will help you. Not everyone knows that hot peppers - this is an excellent tool for quick weight loss. We tell you about all sorts of "acute" more diets.

Hot pepper slimming

To begin with, let us consider why a diet with a sharp pepper as effective and is often used. This product contains a special ingredient - capsaicin, which is a natural tool for retarding the growth of living cells. In addition, daily use of a large number of acute improves metabolism - the natural burning of fat cells in the body. However, it should comply with the special diet.

Diet pepper

If you decide to go on a "severe" diet, you should very carefully observe the daily diet, which in addition to hot pepper (1 tsp) must contain the following products:

  • a large number of vegetables;
  • boiled chicken breast (250 g);
  • fruits and berries (500 g);
  • rye bread (50 g);
  • honey (10 g);
  • skim milk or yogurt (2 cups);
  • boiled egg (1 every 2 days);
  • mineral water, tea, coffee.

Naturally, all the pepper content should not be in the same dish. It can be distributed throughout the daily diet, for example, be added as a seasoning for chicken, vegetable salad refuel or make it more spicy flavor garnish.

The diet: yogurt, cinnamon, pepper, ginger

"Acute" diet can not only be in the form of a diet, but as a supplement to the standard routine of special "sharp" cocktails. For its preparation is necessary:

  • a glass of low-fat yogurt;
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon;
  • 1/2 tsp ground ginger;
  • a pinch of red pepper.

All this should be a good stir. For these purposes the use of a blender.

The duration of "acute diet" should not exceed seven days. In addition, it can not be repeated more than once in two months. Diet is also prohibited for people with gastritis, ulcers, pancreatitis, diabetes. In any case, before making a decision about this diet - consult your doctor!

Diet on the Bulgarian pepper

Another popular kind of diet is a diet in the Bulgarian pepper. Here, the basis taken fruits and vegetables, which improves digestion and elimination of toxins from the body. In addition, this type of diet

Diet with hot pepper
It enhances immunity. Diet Diet is as follows:

On the first day - vegetables (base - bell peppers) and fruits . The total weight of vegetable - less than 1 kg.

The second day - Bulgarian pepper + fruit (not more than 1 kg).

Third - fourth day - 1 egg, 300 g of vegetables, 300 grams of fruit.

The fifth - the seventh day - 1 kg of fruit and vegetables, 200 grams of cooked meat (preferably chicken). You can add a low-fat yogurt or yogurt.

Second week - the repetition of the first.

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