Mono-diet for 10 days

Mono-diet for 10 days

Mono-diet - very convenient and effective way to quickly get rid of several kilograms. They involve the use mainly of a single product. So you can enjoy your favorite foods and lose weight at the same time, because the body is easier to digest simple foods. It's your choice - a few mono-diet for 10 days.

Light diet for 10 days

Perhaps the easiest to losing weight is given to the mono-diet cereals. Surely there is one that you really like the diversity among the cereals. Here it is-and will be the basis of your menu for 10 days. Especially nice that you can eat porridge in unlimited quantities, until there is no feeling of hunger. Only it is important to observe the rule: to cereals can not add salt, sugar, spices and sauces. We'll have to forget about the fact that "porridge butter will not spoil." The secret of such a mono-diet is that cereals are a source of "slow" carbohydrates, which are broken down slowly and give a feeling of satiety for a long time. Thus, the daily calorie intake remains low.

Simple diet for 10 days

Almost any amount of time will not require kefir mono-diet for 10 days. Its meaning is that per day should drink 1.5 liters of fresh buttermilk, with a 5 or 6 doses. Kefir is also allowed to add a day to 500 grams of fresh sweet fruit.

A strict diet for 10 days

Perhaps the most strict diet for 10 days - it is rice mono-diet. For the entire day to cook without salt cup pre-soaked rice and eat it in small portions. Sometimes it is recommended to eat a couple of small apples to suppress a strong sense of hunger, but many people have malic acid vice versa, it awakens the appetite .

What you should know before you go on a mono-diet?
  1. In most cases, such a diet is unbalanced, so in the diet makes sense to take vitamin and mineral complexes.
  2. To enter into the diet it is best to slowly, so a few days before its start in any case not to overeat, it is also desirable to reduce the bit portions.
    Mono-diet for 10 days
  3. Out of the mono-diet should also gradually, gradually adding to the diet of different foods.
  4. How however great reserves of patience, you selected a super-diet for 10 days should not last longer than the set time limit. Repeat it can only be a couple of months.

Described diet helps to lose weight in 10 days at most 10 kilograms, but such an outcome is not guaranteed, but in compliance with the main rules of your weight is still reduced. Also note that you can not lose weight so that pregnant women and people with chronic diseases in the acute phase.

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