Drinking diet 30 days

Drinking diet 30 days

In pursuit of quick results of the girls did not stop to mutilate his body. One of the currently popular ways - drinking diet 30 days. Why do not all think that everything in the body is not accidental, and the teeth are given to man because he needs solid food. On drinking diet for a month, and its consequences, you will learn from this article.

What you can drink on drinking diet?

Allowed absolutely any kinds of drinks with the full withdrawal of any solid food. Drinking diet menu for 30 days can be composed of such drinks:

  • fruit drinks, fruit drinks, jelly;
  • milk drinks and milk;
  • coffee, tea, cocoa, kvass;
  • vegetable broth or chicken;
  • juices, smoothies .

Author diet says that the whole month should not eat anything solid, just drinks. However, you need to convince your body to issue a daily stool. By the way, with this diet in most cases the entire month is diarrhea.

What does drinking diet for 30 days?

As a result, output from the body fluid, gastric and intestinal displayed content and actual shell becomes easier. Then, due to lack of food, the body actually begins to consume the tissue - that's just not fat, losing weight as we would like, and muscle, due to lack of protein in the diet. And when the body is deprived of the muscles, it spends less energy, and a return to the usual diet inevitably leads to severe weight gain.

The only chance to save the result - it is a way out of drinking diet immediately to proper nutrition . But proper nutrition can lose weight without such a mockery of the body.

Due to the long absence of mastication can atrophy process of production of enzymes that are needed to digest solid food, and with the end of the diet may be followed by a serious disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Do not expect it right away - it may come to light in a year, or 5 years, despite what the margin of safety in your body.

Strong load rests on the liver and kidneys, so even if they may appear before the diet with them had no problems after that. Do not use extreme diet, take care of yourself.

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