Drinking diet for 7 days

Drinking diet for 7 days

The Internet is very common about drinking diet for 7 days, which gives impressive results. It should be borne in mind that it is - a technique that allows you to quickly, but briefly lose weight. Due to the abrupt change in the type of food you will deal a blow to the metabolism, and when you return to the usual diet, will quickly the original weight back (and even with a couple of kilos above).

When you can use drinking diet for 7 days?

If you need to preparation for an important event and you are completely healthy - use drinking diet for a week is possible, but with caution. If you feel discomfort or pain in the stomach - immediately go back to a healthy diet.

But do not expect that the result will remain. The arrow on the scale moved down for one reason - you have an empty stomach and intestines, as well as excess fluid is derived. When you start eating, the weight will return. If you want long-term results - use proper nutrition .

Menu drinking diet 7 days

There are different options for drinking diet menu for the week. Consider the softest - you yourself can choose the order of days, and drink 2 liters of water a day in addition to the main beverage. Thus, diet:

  • 1 - dairy products with fat content of 2% or less (kefir, fermented baked milk, white yogurt drink);
  • 2 - vegetable broth, chicken, beef, liquid soups;
  • 3 - freshly squeezed juices (apple, orange);
  • 4 - tea (preferably green) with milk or lemon;
  • 5 - Natural jelly with fresh berries or fruit;
  • 6 - a compote with no added sugar from fruit, berries or dried fruit ;
  • 7 - jelly of oatmeal.

Do not forget that, so the result of this diet can be a problem with a chair and gastrointestinal system as a whole for a person to eat unnatural fluids. If you want to lose weight permanently, this method does not work - you need the transition to a healthy diet.

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