Carbohydrate-free diet - a menu for the week

Carbohydrate-free diet - a menu for the week

Carbohydrate foods - this is the most delicious food in this world. And this is easily explained from a scientific point of view - our brain is a major consumer of glucose, and when we eat something sweet, flour, fruit, thankfully he highlights various hormones of happiness in return. If not for the threat of pancreatic and extra weight , we would eat carbohydrates alone, to constantly have satisfied the brain.

Question: how will feel your brain, if you are for the week depriving him of that pleasure?

Let's try to solve this difficult problem, to understand carbohydrate-free diet in an attractive menu for the week.


The main principle of carbohydrate-free diet for a week - full refusal of carbohydrates. More precisely, for your calm, it is called a constraint. Note, however, the normal diet - a 60% prevalence of carbohydrates. We're on the carbohydrate-free diet is to consume of less than 250 kcal. So, instead of 60% carbohydrates will be our food is less than 12.5% (provided that the normal caloric diet of 2000 kcal). Noticeable difference!

Now about pleasant - you can hardly control the intake of protein, consuming them almost as much as your heart desires. As a result, diet carbohydrate-free diet consists of 60-70% is from protein (in a normal balanced diet, protein is given to 25% of calories).

Since fats can not mess around. Choose proteins containing fats, but most are not greasy.

It's also nice that the calorie content do not need to be considered on this diet.


  • number of meals - 5-6 daily;
  • water consumption - 2 l;
  • water after a meal - not earlier than 30 minutes;
  • meal before bedtime - for 2-3 hours.

Menu carbohydrate-free diet is often used for weight loss professional athletes. Rather, they called it drying - getting rid of body fat and a better portrayal of relief. However, while the athletes are sitting on a diet, because of their status as follows nutritionists and sports doctors to minimize the damage to health.


Proper diet is carbohydrate-free, of course, excludes all sweet, flour, fruit, cereal, bean.


  • starchy vegetables - carrots, beets, corn, potatoes, etc .;
  • sweeteners - used in "sugar-free" products;
  • Diet and fat-free products - "dietichnost" which was made possible thanks to the use of additives in the composition of the starchy, not of natural origin;
  • alcohol;
  • fruits and juices (including fresh juices) - alas, too much sugar;
  • produce affected by industrial processing - for example, frozen foods and semi-processed carbohydrate supplements.
What is permitted and encouraged?

After all of the above, some may be wondering - what can be eaten on the carbohydrate-free diet. The answer:

  • meat;
  • a fish;
  • offal;
  • eggs;
  • seafood;
  • cheese, cottage cheese;
  • plain yogurt, kefir, sour cream, milk;
  • Nuts: cedar, almonds , walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin;
  • sour fruit: green apples, cranberries, currants;
  • leafy vegetables.
  • Carbohydrate-free diet - a menu for the week
What is the danger?

We started with the fact that your brain is not very sweet without the sweet (pardon the tautology).

Our body gets rid of the weight due to the fact that the stops to get the most easily digestible product - carbohydrates. In short supply, it must break down their own stocks.

Alas, such a digestion last longer than can afford the brain. Be prepared for the fact that during the carbohydrate-free diet, you lose efficiency, you have impaired memory, attention, concentration, and everything that is connected with the brain.

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