Diet beet

Diet beet

There is hardly a person who believes the most delicious beet product in white light. Although, if you are the only ones there, and they should definitely lose weight on a diet with beets! We are undeservedly neglected this product in most weight loss systems, because beet - is not just a very useful root vegetable, but actually a high-speed product for weight loss.

Benefits of beet

Diet beet gives an opportunity to enrich the body a variety of nutrients, and in parallel with the loss of weight, get rid of some health problems:

  • beet used to combat constipation and irregularities in the digestive tract;
  • It is useful in diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Beet promotes hematopoiesis and treat anemia;
  • This root vegetable is extremely useful for hormonal and thyroid function.
Therapeutic diet Bolotov

VV Bolotov author of the book "Immortality - it's real," created his own diet with red beets, which helps cure obesity . Diet should be used under medical supervision, because it is not quite balanced - it is a strong stress for the body, for the sake of cleansing the digestive tract of toxins, carcinogens and free radicals.

For this diet, beet need to squeeze the juice, and save the resulting cake. From cake roll balls the size of a bean. In moments of hunger need to eat 2-3 tbsp balls, lubricating them with sour cream. This procedure can be repeated twice during starvation attack, and the third time should still eat something diet.

Diet beets and carrots

Frequent combination - beets and carrots, since these vegetables are perfectly combined and complement each other's compositions. First of all, on a diet of carrots and beets useful for its naturalness of the body - are products of native latitudes, they are well kept, and this applies to both flavor and vitamin content.

The benefits of beets we have said, is now the turn of carrots:

  • carrots contributes to the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism;
  • improves digestion;
  • It helps with anemia;
  • tones;
  • Diet beet
  • It has beneficial effects on the eyes and skin;
  • It stimulates the immune system .

This diet is based on boiled and raw beets and carrots, mixtures, juices. It is important to remember: beet juice after cooking should be allowed an hour and carrots, on the contrary, to drink immediately. This should be taken into account when carrot-beet mixture.

There can be vegetables with olive oil - 1 tsp at one time. It is also recommended that active consumption of water and tea (without sugar). This diet is so attractive, that have their own products, you will be able without any restrictions - as and when you like.

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