Diet watermelon

Diet watermelon

Watermelon diet in the classic sense - a mono-diet, or a diet of one product. All mono-diet approach only to quickly lose a few kilos before an important event, as the weight goes through the elimination of excess fluid and intestinal contents. In such a short period can be split only a small proportion of fat mass, and then it quickly comes back when you go to your usual diet. After all, what and how you eat every day, your weight forms, and thus change the need to make it in the daily diet.

Diet watermelon on 5 days

Watermelon has a strong diuretic effect and helps to eliminate excess fluid. Sometimes he manages to catch and that part of the fluid, which is necessary to the body, so in the course of such a diet should be strictly drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day. This discharge is better to arrange a weekend or a holiday, you will not want to, because you will need the toilet very often.

Restrictions on such a diet are simple: for every full 10 kg of your weight is allowed to eat 1 kg of watermelon. That is, a girl weighing 60 kg can afford to 6 kg of fruit pulp per day.

More restrictions do not have a diet. There watermelon at any time, any batches. The main thing - do not forget the water, otherwise you face dehydration (due to the fact that watermelon - a diuretic).

This diet does not provide lasting results, and if after that you do not go to a proper diet , the weight can come back.

I can watermelon on a diet?

If you are using any diet, which is strictly painted diet that contribute to any fruit or any other products can not be, otherwise you break the calculated calorie and diet can become, if not useless, it is less effective for sure. Watermelon can be eaten in the diet only if you use proper nutrition.

Consider a few options of good nutrition for weight loss with the inclusion in the diet of watermelon:

Option 1

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal, 2 slices of watermelon.
  2. Lunch: buckwheat, stewed with vegetables and beef.
    Diet watermelon
  3. Mid-morning snack: a few slices of watermelon, a glass of water.
  4. Dinner: cabbage with squid or fish.

option 2

  1. Breakfast: scrambled eggs from 2 eggs, 2 slices of watermelon.
  2. Lunch: chicken soup is an easy, one slice of bread.
  3. Mid-morning snack: a few slices of watermelon, a glass of mineral water.
  4. Dinner: zucchini , stewed chicken.

Eating such a system can be as long as necessary to achieve the results (plumb line will be 4-5 kg per month). This harmless system that allows you to lose weight by reducing fat tissue and gives lasting results.

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