Diet on buckwheat

Diet on buckwheat

Porridge buckwheat - excellent food to lose weight, because it is low in calories , a well fills, nurtures, gives a lot of trace elements and vitamins. In addition, many people like buckwheat porridge, and that these people will be easier to lose weight just by diet on buckwheat.

The basic rules of diet on the basis of buckwheat

We have to admit that it is extremely effective Buckwheat diet is a mono-diet, so it is not easy to sustain. Despite this caveat, it has a lot of rave reviews, because of "buckwheat" excellent weight loss - you can remove as much as seven kilos in seven days.

The basic rules of good diet on buckwheat:

  • porridge is not used in boiled and raw - steamed groats boiling water at night;
  • buckwheat to eat without spices, salt and sugar, but in unlimited quantities .;
  • finish the last meal should be four hours before bedtime;
  • drink only water without gas, coffee and tea - a taboo;
  • lose weight this way is possible only once every two months, not more.

If you decide that buckwheat diet is right for you and how to cook buckwheat, you know, that we need more, and knowledge of how to get out of this system. To consolidate the result should be a week after the "buckwheat" to restrict calorie diet meal per day is allowed no more than 1200 calories in the first three days. Then, the number of calories can be gradually increased, leading up to their usual standards.

Types of buckwheat diet

You can lose weight on buckwheat porridge alone, adhering to the rules listed above. But you can add some fun to the menu, for example, with the help of yogurt, vegetables or dried fruits.

An excellent example of such a system - a diet of buckwheat and kefir. In addition to buckwheat porridge, I drink a liter a day of low-fat yogurt. This drink brings some variety to the meager diet , is combined with buckwheat, it helps the body to break down fats and cleaned effectively.

People who are extremely difficult to tolerate the rejection of the sweet, it may be advisable dried fruits and buckwheat. Diet for weight loss this type are more gentle, and it allows you to saturate the brain and the body is glucose. The essence of the diet is that in addition to the porridge to eat a few pieces of any dried fruit with every meal. You can eat any dried fruit - apricots, raisins, prunes, dates. A small negative - weight loss process will go a little slower, but the suffering and hunger are not so strong, and dried fruit enrich "hungry" days.

For those who are no different iron willpower, you can do some "concessions", such is allowed a day to eat one or two of any fruit except bananas and grapes. Fans can salty flavor buckwheat gruel with a spoon of soy sauce. Fans of milk can be added to the buckwheat for breakfast half pack of cottage cheese with zero fat content, you can also drink a glass of yogurt or

Diet on buckwheat
porridge seasoned hard cheese.

Diet on buckwheat and vegetables - another benign version of the diet. At dinner is appropriate to diversify the buckwheat salad vegetables with a spoon of olive oil, in the afternoon to eat porridge with green leaf lettuce. Supper allowed buckwheat with vegetables (onion, beet, carrot). These or other vegetables can fry with a teaspoon of butter and mix with a spoon of porridge.

Losing weight with the help of buckwheat reasonably applied every couple of months. When the weight returns to normal, it is advisable to go to a proper diet and keep the result in order to once do not deplete the body mono-diet, the metabolism.

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