Diet eggs

Diet eggs

In recent years, very fashionable "sit" on the various diets original, and is now very popular diet on eggs. The "egg supply system" many advantages - it is available for everybody, and the body gets a lot of much-needed nutrients, and the feeling of hunger does not bother, and it is from him suffer, those who lose weight with the help of mono-diet. Eggs - a very nutritious product, so the feeling of fullness comes quickly, and for a long time.

However, the diet has on boiled eggs and some disadvantages - a large number of eggs in the diet harms the kidneys and pancreas, so people who have problems with the work of these bodies should be to lose weight with the help of some other diets.

The principles of diet in chicken eggs and the menu

The main principle is - you must strictly adhere to the diet, only in this case will remove 7 kg. For two weeks. You can not drink coffee, snack and of liquids allowed only water and green tea .

Breakfast is always the same - it's half a grapefruit and one or two eggs.

Below - a two-week menu:

Tuesday: day three fruit, chicken cooked in the evening.

Saturday: day chicken, salad of cucumber, carrot, tomato, dinner egg (possible two) with toast.

Thursday: toast, cheese, lettuce and tomato for lunch, meat in the evening.

Four grams, three fruit, afternoon, evening - meat and salad.

Tuesday: vegetables, a couple of eggs during the day, fish, grapefruit and salad in the evening.

Saturday: three fruit for lunch, meat and vegetables in the evening.

Sunday: meat, grapefruit, vegetables day, cooked or raw vegetables in the evening.

Tuesday: Salad and meat in the afternoon, two eggs, grapefruit, vegetables in the evening.

Tuesday's menu is identical to the previous one.

Diet eggs

Monday: cucumbers and boiled meat day, vegetable salad, two eggs, grapefruit.

Monday: cheese, two eggs, vegetables as daily meals, two eggs for supper.

Tuesday: day boiled fish, two eggs in the evening.

Saturday: meat, grapefruit, tomato day, egg evening.

Sunday: chicken and vegetables , grapefruit, tomatoes - is and dinner, and dinner.

Meals can not be interchanged, but the alternative to such a diet may be on a diet of quail eggs, where instead of one egg should take five quail.

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