Cucumber diet

Cucumber diet

Principle cucumber diet based on the consumption of fresh cucumbers, which are the staple of this diet menu. Over time, a diet, which is one week, you can lose up to five kilos overweight. Also, except for weight loss cucumber diet will help normalize the metabolism. Use it fresh cucumbers stimulates digestion, cleanses the body of toxins (acts as a diuretic as well as a cucumber is 95 percent of the water) and the normalization of the acid-salt balance in the body. Cucumbers are used to cleanse the skin, then it has a fresh and healthy look.

The essence of the diet is leaching of harmful substances from the body, due to the fact that the cucumbers contains a large amount of liquid.

Maximum effect from cucumber diet can be achieved, provided that you eat up to two kilograms of fresh cucumbers per day. Cucumber can do salad, seasoned with vegetable oil (preferably olive), or lemon juice.

If, however, you can not eat some cucumbers throughout the week, you can add to the diet of some diet foods, such as breakfast, you can eat a piece of black bread. For lunch suitable boiled chicken (no more than 100 g), and vegetable soup (150 g), and for dinner you can eat a little rice (200 g). From fruits apples or oranges are recommended, but not more than two units per day.

<Cucumber diet <increases the tone the body and makes you feel better, but still before applying the diet, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

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