Watermelon fasting day

Watermelon fasting day

There is nothing better sense of ease and comfort. It is this feeling can give you watermelon fasting day . Nutritionists around the world are advised to arrange for his body's unique unloading days at least once in two weeks. It helps cleanse the body of toxins that accumulate in the course of the use of modern, not always useful food. Consider all the nuances of unloading watermelon.

Cleansing the body watermelon

It is worth noting that the bowel cleansing watermelon - one of the most humane ways of removing harmful substances from the body, so you will not feel uncomfortable, you will not need to make any unpleasant manipulation. In addition, the purification of water-melon - it is also delicious. Driving unloading is as follows: during the day you should be eating only watermelon, and for every 10 kg of your weight, you must consume 1 kg watermelon. So if your weight is 70 kg, your daily diet - is 7 kg of product. If you can not completely abandon the usual food, replace the watermelon supper least. To do this, instead of a meal, eat 1-2 kg of watermelon. In this case, the discharge should last at least 10 days. Subject to such a diet at least the specified period, you simply will not get the desired result.

Watermelon diet

Many girls who are watching their figures, have questioned whether a watermelon promotes weight loss. Of course, fasting day is very similar to "watermelon diet", with which many stars are making good progress in dropping extra kilos. To do this, you must completely replace regular food watermelon. To calculate the rate of watermelon, you can use the data given above. Diet Duration is normally three days. During this time, people lose up to 6 kg of its weight. To speed dial no previous weight after the watermelon diet , should advance to calculate a balanced diet in the next 4 days after discharge.

Watermelon fasting day
This will help the body to gradually shift from a light meal to which the watermelon, to the everyday.


Purification using watermelon is contraindicated for people with kidney failure, as this may cause a complication of the disease. Also it is necessary to choose the right time for unloading watermelon. Optimally - this is the end of August - beginning of September, when this product is suitable period of maturation. At other times, brought watermelons will be filled with all kinds of carcinogens and chemicals which would not benefit the body.

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