Discharge day on chocolate

Discharge day on chocolate

The effectiveness of such short-term diet has been proven repeatedly. Once a week is enough to refuse to accept the excessively heavy meals, replacing it with a small amount of chocolate and you will achieve noticeable results. Pay attention to the fact that the energy content of the chocolate of the day should not exceed 700-800 calories per day.

Discharge day on chocolate beneficial effect on metabolism, speeding it up. Also there is the digestive tract cleansing and removing excess fluid from the body. But one of the main arguments that have made chocolate-day discharge so popular is that one day you can lose up to one and a half kilos. In addition, this delicacy has good taste and a pleasant smell, which means that you do not exhaust yourself.

Chocolate fasting day have much to their liking. It may seem that such a mini diet does not allow to get rid of extra kilograms, but it is not so important to use dark chocolate instead of milk analogs.

Discharge day for dark chocolate

One of the main criteria is to select. It should buy a product in which there are no additives and fillings. cocoa content in a tile should be not less than 80%. For the handling of the day should be consumed only bitter dark chocolate.

Discharge day on chocolate and coffee is also relevant. At this time it should take the same amount of treats as chocolate and diet - 150 g divided into five methods, but can be used in between coffee without sugar. Take coffee and chocolate together is not recommended, especially for people with hypertension , since both products are pressurized.

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