Discharge day molokochae

Discharge day molokochae

Diet molokochae considered an effective and painless way to losing excess weight. Fan of this drink pleases the absence of hunger and at the same time equal to her result. For one fasting day on molokochae you can lose up to 2 kilograms of weight, and the famine, and you can not remember - the main thing to take milk with a fat content of 2%.


Slimming enough just one day - it may be unloaded after a holiday where you have allowed yourself to eat a lot of excess or unloaded before the holiday to look for a holiday slim.

Those who unloaded on molokochae relished, arrange it on a weekly basis. It is desirable to do it always in the same day, and the body gets used and you are disciplined.

During the day molokochaynogo do not forget about the abundant water consumption. All you need to drink about 2 liters of still water along with molokochaem that only helps to get rid of thoughts about hunger.

As we have said, to lose weight with the help of molokochaya and not fall into a swoon hungry, the milk must be taken not to skim and 2%. If this is your first experience of slimming milk and tea, take all 2.5%.

Tea should be large-nice. You can take the green, black, fruit, herbal - most importantly, do not be lazy and do not brew tea bags, namely, tea leaves and dried fruit (if it is a fruit). Of course, losing weight is most associated green tea - it is most welcome. But if you have not previously addicted to it, play it safe to drink the whole day just it - the pressure will drop dramatically, you can even faint.

For those who are comfortable with this kind of tea unload first, we recommend the following recipe on molokochae fasting day:

  • day mix of green and black tea in a ratio of 1: 1;
  • after 6 to brew herbal or fruit tea, to prevent insomnia from caffeine.

Based on the properties molokochaya, we should understand that though tea helps to digest milk, it still does not eliminate it

Discharge day molokochae
lactose, which in many adults may experience problems. When intolerance - select another option unloading.

In addition, you can not sit on molokochae those with and without low blood pressure, and people with diseased or distressed kidney - an abundance of milk (and therefore protein) can cause an aggravation of diseases.

Do not sit on milk and tea more than one day a week, do not you want to lose weight . This is not a balanced diet, but just clean, which gives the opportunity to relax your digestive tract.

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