Discharge day on watermelon

Discharge day on watermelon

Any sweet tooth wants to lose weight, using only the most delicious food. For those who like a watermelon, there is no difficulty, since this wonderful fruit is simply created to hold it pleasant melon fasting days in the hot summer!

Fasting days: the benefits and harms

To begin with we shall understand, what benefit fasting days. The fact that the body from time to time is very useful to work in the power saving mode, which provide fasting days. If during normal power the body has to produce a lot of enzymes for digestion of various kinds of food and fiber connections, and if you are fond of fast food and other harmful foods, the body and does have to work at the limit. Discharge day, which is a mono-diet (a diet, in which allowed only one product), allows the body to rest from the hard work and to rebuild that needs it.

On the other hand, fasting days is a stressful situation, and the body can begin to actively store fat in case something like this happen again. This can be prevented easily: just spend fasting days regularly, for example, on Mondays and Thursdays. Then the body will get used to, and your weight will decrease slowly (however, unloading more conducive to the maintenance of normal weight).

Discharge day on watermelon

There are variations of fasting days on watermelon, stiffer and softer:

  • option first, strict. Throughout the day you can only eat watermelon - preferably every 2-3 hours. Also it can only drink water;
  • version of the second, soft. Besides watermelon three thin slices of rye bread are added to such a day diet, which does not need to eat again, but for three meals. The rest of the system remains the same.

If you experience for how to sustain the discharge day, it is better to choose the second option. And if possible spend the day so that you are not tempted other products, you do not have to move much and actively, and you always have access to the toilet (after all, watermelon has diuretic).

How to conduct a fasting day?

The most effective fasting day will turn out in the event that you will not fall apart. So, it is important to organize this important event:

  1. Take out of sight (and better, and do not buy), sweets, snacks, any foods that may tempt you.
  2. If possible, schedule your free, though you will not have excess workload - from fatigue, you can not care about all the rules and eat, damaging discharge.
  3. It is not necessary to plan a day sports activities, hiking, guests in restaurants and other places that can cause you to be eaten too much.
  4. If you go to work, do not expect to wait until lunch, and then - dinner, bring a container is cut into small pieces of watermelon without seeds, and plug so that you can
    Discharge day on watermelon
    quiet meal almost anywhere.

How to leave the handling of the day?

During the fasting day you lose about 1.5 kg weight. To boot the next day to complete, to begin with, add to the diet of vegetable salad with a couple of slices of bread. Only a day later, you can add even a small piece of chicken, and then gradually come to a normal diet, but better - it healthy option! Such a method will allow you to unload only a month to correct a figure substantially, subject to two days a week unloading. Thus, the full feed will be in the days that lie immediately before unloading days, and in the rest of the diet is easy.

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