Serum for the face - Rating

Serum for the face - Rating

Serum face - a means for intensive care for the skin, having a light texture and containing active ingredients in high concentrations. Thanks to the special substances Serum more deeply and quickly penetrates the skin tissue and provides a sufficiently powerful impact. These funds are designed to solve many cosmetic problems and apply, as a rule, is not constant, and courses.

Serum can be used at any age, to deal with which usually means beyond the power if there are problems with the skin. Typically, each serum has a clear purpose and its effect has certain responsibilities: whitens, smooths wrinkles, hydrates, etc. Below is the top rating of the most popular and effective serum for a person with a different purpose. Brief description will help determine which serum for the face is best suited for your skin.

High serum for the face

  1. Serum "enhancer of youth" by Yves Rocher (Elixir 7.9.) - One of the best serums for the face from wrinkles . The product is 90% of natural ingredients and effectively acts as a skin on the surface, and at its deepest layers. It helps smooth out skin relief, improved skin tone, activates the upgrade process.
  2. Hyaluronic Serum activator of Librederm - one of the best moisturizing serums for the face, which quickly helps saturate skin lacking moisture. It is also a means of helping to strengthen the protective mechanisms of the skin, fights
    Serum for the face - Rating
    premature aging.
  3. Serum Derma-Calm Couperose Serum from Ericson Laboratoire - means struggling with rosacea. This serum is ideal for sensitive skin prone to neurogenic inflammation. The effect is achieved by narrowing the blood vessels and strengthen the skin, the elimination of inflammatory processes.
  4. Serum Skin Vivo Serum Reversif Anti-Age from Biotherm - considered one of the best serums for the face, after 30 years. Means actively fighting against mimic wrinkles, tightens skin, improves tone, stimulates its own regenerative processes in tissues.
  5. Serum "Narrowing far" from Natura Siberica for oily and combination skin - not only promotes the reduction of enlarged pores , but also their efficient purification from impurities, toning, moisturizing, eliminate greasy luster. In addition, the tool well suited as a makeup base.

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