The sulfur soap

The sulfur soap

For many millennia, sulfur is used in the treatment of various dermatological problems. This natural mineral is effective against fungal and bacterial infections, microscopic parasites, relieves inflammation. Therefore, many women prefer to sulfur soap for the full care of the problem, too oily and combination skin of the face, body and even the head.

Properties sulfur soap

Considered cosmetic product has the following capabilities for dermatological application:

  • stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibers;
  • elimination of allergic reactions and flaking, irritation;
  • increase production of keratin;
  • regeneration of epidermal cells;
  • suppression of growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria;
  • combating fungal colonies;
  • hypodermic tick paralysis, including Demodex;
  • normalization of epidermal fat;
  • reducing the intensity of inflammatory processes;
  • drying and disinfecting ulcers;
  • cleaning clogged pores;
  • whitening and leveling the skin relief;
  • struggle with excess pigmentation and post-acne.

Benefits and harms of sulfur soap

Considering the above properties of the presented products, it is easy to transfer its beneficial effects:

  • increase elasticity and skin tightening;
  • reducing the number of acne, comedones and the inflamed subcutaneous elements;
  • elimination of red and brown spots;
  • protection of the skin from aggressive environmental conditions;
  • treatment of demodectic mange;
  • cleansing of the epidermis from bacterial and fungal infections;
  • then narrowing.
  • However, any effective soaps have a number of contraindications:
  • pregnancy;
  • early childhood;
  • lactation;
  • exposed skin damage (cracks, wounds);
  • circulatory disorders;
  • diabetes;
  • eczema;
  • severe irritation of the epidermis.

It should be noted that the common list may vary depending on the product composition. Each manufacturer uses its own set of components that significantly affect the properties of the soap. For example, some tools (Sea of SPA) with the addition of plant extracts and a low sulfur concentration (about 5.3%) from the recommended contrary eczema.

Sulfuric soap against skin diseases

The first described a cosmetic product shall be appointed in almost all complex therapeutic regimens for acne.

Use of sulfur soap acne can quickly dry purulent inflammatory elements, to reduce the redness around the acne, skin irritation, reduce the number of "black spots" and closed comedones .

It is worth noting that this soap is especially effective for demodicosis. Sulfur acts as a paralytic on a hypodermic mites, preventing their reproduction and movement, increases the productivity of related drugs.

Also sulfur soap is indicated for psoriasis, scabies, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea. But to feel the real effect of its use is possible only in the case of a means of purchase in a specialty store or pharmacy, where the sulfur concentration in the soap starts from 10%. Less saturated product is just cosmetics for preventive care.

The sulfur soap for facial rejuvenation

In addition to medicinal properties, represented by means of exhibits anti-aging effects. Sulfur is actively involved in the processes of protein metabolism, thereby promotes the synthesis of collagen. It provides a gradual and natural cell renewal, facelift and wrinkles.

The sulfur soap

In order to rejuvenate, it is desirable to acquire an organic sulfur soap with useful additions:

  • At Last Naturals MSM;
  • Enzymatic Therapy DermaKlear;
  • Grandpa's Thylox.

Sulfuric hair soap

The examined products are often recommended in the comprehensive anti- seborrhea , dandruff, greasy scalp.

Better, of course, to buy shampoo with sulfur as for gentle cleansing of hair and qualitative approach only expensive organic soap bars or handmade.

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