Burdock oil for the face

Burdock oil for the face

The fact that this tool helps hair, many people know. But as it turned out, burdock oil is very well suited for a person. It has a mass of useful properties, a beneficial effect on the epidermis and helps in solving various dermatological and cosmetic problems.

Can Burdock oil to smear the face?

Years of experience shows that this substance actually works very soft and can be used on the delicate facial skin. The composition of burdock oil speaks for itself. It contains a large number of different groups of vitamins, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, inulin, tannins. Thanks to them for the skin burdock can:

  • to soften;
  • rejuvenate and regenerate cells;
  • protect against unwanted environmental effects;
  • to deal with eruptions of different origin;
  • retain vital moisture;
  • normalize the activity of sebaceous glands;
  • smooth wrinkles;
  • purify pores ;
  • run metabolic processes;
  • have a bactericidal effect;
  • eliminate inflammation.

Primarily used burdock oil for the face is recommended to owners of aging skin, as well as girls who are suffering from flaking, expanding far or too greasy skin.

Use the tool can not only for the face. It is nice to treat the skin on the body. It makes it more pleasant to the touch,

Burdock oil for the face
evens and helps maintain a good tone. The substance is recommended to add in body creams. And with him make excellent wellness bath.

How can you use facial burdock?

Like any oil, burdock sold quite concentrated. Use it in a way not recommended - you can get burned. The concentrate is advisable to apply only for the treatment of acne, acne and other dermatological problems. In this case, you need to drop a one - two drops of money on the problem and leave to soak.

To use burdock oil for the face from acne, you need to dilute it with a small amount of water (in the ratio of one to one - perfect). Pre-clean the skin decoction of chamomile or lime, and then gently massage the healing rub mixture. Massage continue to need about three minutes. Even though on the surface then left a little money, do not worry. Do not rinse it, over time the oil will be absorbed into the epidermis completely.

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