A liquid hairspray

A liquid hairspray

A liquid hairspray (gel nail) - locking means allowing to simulate hair. Stylists and barbers especially appreciate liquid varnish for what curls when styling remain soft, do not stick together and are not heavier, and hair looks completely natural. It is equally important that styling products covered According to the hair "breathe" and are powered.

How to use liquid hairspray?

To get a good result it is necessary to use the right tool for installation. Liquid paint should be evenly distributed, spraying it from a distance of 25-30 cm With short hair styling products applied from top to bottom, with long hair -. From the bottom up. After a few minutes after spraying liquid paint dries. Nail Gel is best suited to create the volume hairstyles, hair straightening and giving them a "wet" effect. In addition to the liquid lacquer can be successfully used for curling as a very soft and heavy hair, which is problematic to put through other kinds of styling products. To create an evening hairstyle, you can select tint paints or varnishes with glitter.

Warning! It is undesirable to apply the liquid varnish on damp hair, as hair shall fade instantly.

How to choose liquid paint?

This cosmetic product is widely represented in the goods market. Some brands have already managed to establish itself well and are popular with customers.

Taft ultra from Schwarzkopf

Cosmetic company Schwarzkopf first mastered the production of liquid lacquer in the world. Currently, the manufacturer produces nail gel Taft ultra. Ladies who enjoy Taft vehicle, note the high quality of packing and length of retention of the hairstyle.

Bielita from Vitex

Belarusian liquid hairspray Bielita Vitex "the Maxi volume" refers to the styling products with superstrong fixation. Hairstyle, laid using lacquer, looks very natural, hair does not stick together. This tool is inexpensive, economical in

A liquid hairspray
use, it washes off easily.

Estel Professional Curex Brilliance

Appreciate the fair sex liquid hairspray Estelle. Means Estel Professional Curex Brilliance curls gives intense shine and a soft glow. Hair looks flawless throughout the day.


A liquid hairspray Leda with STYLER like for all types of installation. Leaving hair soft and fluffy, it gives them a nice shine . Curls, fixed means of Leda, look healthy and lush.

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