Cleansing milk for the face

Cleansing milk for the face

The first step in skin care is its deep and thorough cleansing. It provides not only the removal of contaminants, but also prepares the cell to absorb nutrients and moisturizing cream component. Therefore, cleansing milk for the face - absolutely irreplaceable cosmetic product. A simple water wash can not qualitatively, since after the skin and deep into the pores is still a certain amount of grease and dirt.

How to use cleansing milk for the face?

Proper application of this technique means that beauticians recommend:

  1. Apply with your fingers or a cotton pad a small amount of milk on the skin.
  2. Wait 2-5 minutes, until the product begins to be absorbed.
  3. Rinse your face with warm water and remove the remnants of milk through a soft sponge.

After cleansing, you must close the pores, so immediately after use funds should wipe the skin tonic solution. A few minutes later, you can apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream .

The above procedure should be performed in the morning after waking up, and in the evening, removing makeup before bedtime.

Good cleansing milk for dry and sensitive skin

Introduced a variety of cosmetic products shall not contain corrosive active ingredients. It is best if this consists of a hypoallergenic milk and organic components. These requirements are met by means of the following items:

  • Vichy Purete Thermale;
  • Hisiris Latte Detergente;
  • Collistar Latte di Pulizia Ultra-Delicato;
  • Derma-Calm Neuro-Sensitive;
  • Uriage Lait Demaquillant Milk;
  • Biography Puresource;
  • Infinum CleanWell for Sensitive Skin;
  • Nourish Relax Softening Cleanser.

High-quality cleansing milk for combination and oily skin

This type of funds has to cope with the excessive production of skin secretions, deep clean the pores and prevent the emission rates of fat throughout the day. For this ideal the following products:

  • Christina Fresh Aroma-therapeutic Cleansing Milk;
  • Ainhoa Vitaminal;
  • Clarins Lait Demaquillant Velours;
  • Sothys Lait Demaquillant Purete;
  • Dorabruschi Latte Detergente;
  • Jean d'Arcel Lait Tilleul;
  • Environ Sebuwash;
  • Canaan for Oily Skin.

Effective Cleansing Lotion for normal skin
Cleansing milk for the face

In this category Estheticians advised to purchase one of the following professional products:

  • Olay Essentials;
  • Weleda Milde Reinigunsmilch;
  • Premier Milk Cleanser;
  • Lirene Light Formula;
  • Mirra Cleanser Milk;
  • Declare Cleansing Milk $
  • L'Oreal Trio-Active;
  • Jericho Cleanser Milk.

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