Hand cream for very dry skin

Hand cream for very dry skin

Severe dry skin of hands - a problem many women. It is particularly relevant in winter, although it happens that the hand throughout the year subject to overdrying. This is because the skin of the hands in almost no sebaceous glands, which are responsible for moisturizing and protecting the epidermis. Also, it hands to a greater extent than other parts of the body exposed to the aggressive influence of tap water, household chemicals, and so on. As a result, the palm and the back surface of the brush becomes unpleasant to the touch, become unkempt, slovenly appearance.

Choosing a cream for dry skin of hands

When this trouble everyday hand care should be special, and the basic remedy for this - hand cream for very dry skin. It must meet several important criteria:

  • easily absorbed;
  • not to leave the film feeling;
  • give skin softness;
  • protected from UV rays (if the day cream).

It is advisable to hand cream for dry skin at the same time has a moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties. Find a good hand cream for dry skin as you can in the pharmacy and in the cosmetics store. Before buying it is desirable to test the tool and be sure to check its contents. The aqueous phase of the cream for dry skin of hands should not constitute more than 60%, and as active components therein shall contain vitamins and fatty oils and lanolin and glycerol . Welcome presence in the cream of herbal extracts, dairy enzymes, allantoin, panthenol, dimethicone.

Overview cream for very dry skin of hands

Consider several brands of creams, the use of which, according to reviews women can achieve the most successful results:

  1. Hand Cream "Softening", "Velvet Hands" (Russia) - contains cocoa butter, panthenol, allantoin, contributes to the elimination of dryness, skin restoration.
  2. Hand Cream "Embrace tenderness" of the Dove (Poland) - contains shea butter, nutrition and promotes deep tissue saturation
    Hand cream for very dry skin
  3. Regenerating Hand Cream by Garnier (Israel) with allantoin, glycerin, and a protective complex, provides nutrition and skin renewal.
  4. Hand Cream «Douceur des Mains» by Payot (France) - contains jojoba oil, karite butter, almond extract, promotes powerful hydration, nutrition and skin regeneration.
  5. Cream-balm for dry skin hand "Duty chemist ECALL LLC" from "Biocon" (Ukraine) - with olive oil and peach, panthenol , vitamin E, enriches the skin with moisture and nutrients.

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