Cream of freckles

Cream of freckles

Freckles like much, but mainly those who do not. But women who are on their own face felt all the charm of hyperpigmentation of the skin, would prefer to get rid of it. Cream of freckles is able to solve this problem, but not all cosmetics are equally effective.

What cream helps of freckles?

Our mothers and grandmothers used against freckles cream Ahromin. This is indeed very effective, but its composition hydroquinone - a chemical compound which inhibits the synthesis of melanin, but refers to potential carcinogens. You can certainly use the drug on your own risk, but there are less drastic means.

Whitening cream for freckles can be found in almost all the major cosmetic companies - from Avon to Lancome, but rather to look for means to combat pigmentation among pharmaceutical cosmetics :

  • Uriage;
  • Vichy;
  • La Roche-Posay;
  • Aven.

This is a fairly expensive tools, but they are perfectly safe. As part of the predominantly acid, so do not forget that the cream of freckles should be applied only at night and during the day to use sunscreen cosmetics.

There is a very decent money in this category, produced by domestic companies. Price is considerably lower than the above brands:

  • "Whitening cream" from the bark;
  • "Day Cream for freckles and age spots" from Vitex;
  • Protective Cream "Barrier";
  • "Snow White" by Biocon and others.

Many girls dare to try Chinese freckles cream "Green tea". Like all Asian cosmetic, it is very effective, but often provoke allergies .

The best cream for freckles

Find out what makes the cream of freckles, you can only

Cream of freckles
on their own experience as well as skin pigmentation tendency to have all different. To fight with freckles and pigment spots can apply a night cream Ayherb. It consists of only natural ingredients, and the effectiveness is confirmed by many reviews. The main active component - kojic acid. It affects deeper layers of skin and triggers the regenerative process. As a result, the old freckles fade and new ones do not appear.

We would like to remind you that it is best to struggle with freckles begin in February, when they were on the face of the least. Time to begin preventive maintenance, you can prevent the appearance of pigmentation with increasing solar activity in the spring.

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