Body cream

Body cream

Careful and meticulous care requires not only the facial skin. Regularly pay attention needed throughout the body. There are many special creams for the body, which will help to preserve youthfulness, elasticity, smartness and skin health. The best part is that most of them can be made at home.

Secrets of cooking cream for the body with their hands

Homemade creams are considered to be the most effective and are valued much more expensive branded funds. Indeed, the result of their work is impossible to miss: after the first use of the skin for at least becomes more soft and pleasant to the touch.

Before you prepare your body creams, you need to familiarize yourself with a few simple rules:

  1. Learn from fatty creams, consisting mainly of oil, a lot easier.
  2. Water is a part of the means can be replaced by herbal decoction.
  3. The first recipes should not be too difficult. Stop to start in three or four components, to understand all the features of cooking cream.
  4. Strictly follow the recipe. Lay experiments in the case of creams misplaced body.

Recipes of beauty and massage creams for the body

To prepare the most recipes you need are available (in all senses of the word) components.

A simple remedy is prepared from the mummy, baby cream and essential oils:

  1. Tablets mummy filled with hot water and in the form of the semi-mixed with cream.
  2. The mixture is added to a teaspoon of grape seed oil and a few drops of orange oil , lemon and bergamot.
  3. All thoroughly mixed and infused for a couple of hours.

It kept the cream in the refrigerator for no longer than five days, so it is best to cook small portions.

More experienced experimenters can cook a cream-lifting for body skin elasticity. This will require the following components:

  • 200 g sour cream;
  • 100 ml of alcohol and rose water ;
  • orange or lemon essential oil (five drops, no more);
  • two egg yolks;
  • Body cream
  • Cucumber juice - 3 tablespoons;
  • 10 drops of Vitamin E in the solution;
  • a tablespoon of honey.

Thoroughly mix all, except alcohol, this ingredient will add at the end. Keep the cream in the refrigerator for no longer than six months.

Night cream for dry skin of the body can be prepared by mixing a spoonful of butter and rowan fruits with egg yolk and honey (one teaspoon). This cream not only moisturizes but also nourishes the skin, preventing the appearance of new and smoothing existing wrinkles.

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