glycolic acid

glycolic acid

You can not even have a TV, but that beauty means on the basis of glycolic acid is extremely useful to hear had to be sure. The fact that this glycolic acid - a very cool thing, of course, but what it was, and that it is generally for such a substance? Unveil the veil of secrecy.

The use of glycolic acid facial

Glycolic acid - a natural substance extracted from sugar cane. It is considered to be useful alfagidroksikislotam. In the category substance it is considered one of the most effective and safest. Improving modern technology has allowed to establish the production of glycolic acid synthetically, but the main characteristics of the substance in this case remain unchanged.

Popular in cosmetology acid began to use, thanks to its exfoliating effect. All products based on this material very gently and safely remove the dead layer of the epithelium. After the treatment with the use of glycolic acid on the surface is only updated, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. So if you are looking for some effective means of preventing aging of the skin, be sure to pay attention to the fact that a part of him was a glycolic acid.

To help you understand how useful is this tool, describe briefly its cosmetic action. Thus, the glycolic acid has the following advantages:

  • It cleanses the skin quickly and effectively;
  • It produces a moisturizing effect;
  • masks skin imperfections and make it more flexible;
  • gently removes dead skin particles and reduces the depth of wrinkles;
  • It allows to achieve an even color.

Cosmetics with glycolic acid

Today, glycolic acid is added to the completely different cosmetics: creams, gels, serums, toners, peels. Since the substance is considered to be one of the most effective, its name in the list of the components of a particular agent will be in the forefront.

Very often, in creams, gels and other cosmetics with glycolic acid indicates the percentage of the active substance. At this rate, you need to pay attention necessarily. The fact that the means in which glycolic acid is less than ten percent, have little effect, and accordingly benefit from them will not so much as we would like. If you want to combine several different types of cosmetics, the low levels of glycolic acid in one of these may be compensated by a high percentage of the other.

As used glycolic acid in cosmetics?

Professionals use glycolic acid as an effective tool for cleaning the skin. Due to the fact that the agent acts quickly and radically, but it is very soft, it is often used to eliminate acne .

The cabin cleaning procedure takes no more than half an hour: the dermatologist applies to the patient's face acid (usually

glycolic acid
fifty percent or higher), and after a few minutes it flushes a special tool. Water to remove the mask can not be - can get severe burns.

It is important to understand that the use of pure glycolic acid acne can only dermatologists. At home, it is best to use special cosmetic complexes peels.

By the way, peeling based on glycolic acid - a real find for the skin: wrinkles gradually disappear, appears healthy glow, leaving many problems. If you are going to do the mask-peeling with acid house, be sure to follow the instructions to get the maximum effect.

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