Face Cream for Dry Skin

Face Cream for Dry Skin

Often women are dissatisfied with the state of the skin of your face. Someone acne, someone or scaly skin glistens. In particular, the very large number of the female complain of dry skin, which can be controlled using the cream for dry skin. These funds are one of the most common and popular because it cost to get acquainted with them closer.

Nourishing cream for dry skin

Even if you have normal skin, you need to take care of her. This is especially true winter and windy weather. Moisturizing cream for dry skin has a fundamental feature. It is based on the oil rather than water. It provides long-lasting hydration and nourishment. Consider the cream a few brands that are now advised many sales consultants:

  • L'Etoile;
  • Rive Gauche;
  • Ile de Beaute.

These companies produce a wide range of creams for dry to very dry skin. For example Cream Hydra 24, Payot from L'Etoile, has a long effect moisture due to the presence in its composition of the extract imperative, honey and root shlenika Baikal. The cream is quite thick consistency that allows you to create a thin but durable layer reliably protects the skin.

Seasonal skin care

But one of the best cream for dry skin in the winter is Hydrachange Mask, Sensai, Kanebo of Rive Gauche. This cream-mask can be used for the daily care of dry skin. The mask is applied a thin layer and is not washed off. It requires only blot it dry cloth. It is abundantly nourishes and moisturizes dry skin, soothes irritated and sensitive skin and protects it in winter.

For skin that is subjected to the influence of the weather, there is a cream Skin Care Multi Energizing (Skin Care Shiseido) production of the same firm. It is suitable for all skin types, including mature skin dehydrated and exhausted. Due to the presence of a number of nutritional supplements and a thick paste-like consistency, pale pink Skin Care Shiseido actively restores healthy color and elasticity of the skin and moisturizes it abundantly.

Nutridivine Nutriboost Soft Cream, Decleor - it is a cream for dry skin of the face and neck. The whole complex of healing oils of sesame , quinoa, corn, rice and oat milk and extract of the baobab tree fruit restore the skin's structure and extract the imperative and tocopherol palm trees contribute to its active humidification.

BB cream for dry skin

Also, we should mention a few BB creams for dry skin:

  • BB-cream Gosh;
  • BB-Cream by Clinique Age Defense;
  • BB-Cream by Dr. Flexitone Brandt.

Abbreviation BB indicates that the cream and helps eliminate the masking skin imperfections. All BB creams have moisturizing effect, therefore can be used to protect the skin from the weather in the summer and dry winter days.

Most available tools

From our brands can be identified coconut cream for dry skin, Kalina. Coconut milk is known for its nutritional

Face Cream for Dry Skin
properties. It restores the lipid balance and moisturizes, and thanks to the pleasant delicate smell very much like the female.

Women often use baby cream for dry skin. Due to the high fat content, any baby cream perfectly moisturizes the skin and protects it in the frosty and very hot days.

These creams and masks - this is only a very small part of the wide range of moisturizers, which is represented by the modern cosmetic industry. If you do not fit any one of them, then you can experiment by selecting what you want is your skin.

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