Sun Oil

Sun Oil

Beautiful and tan is a dream of every holidaymaker. It is not enough just to lie in the sun for several hours. It is necessary to choose the right tanning oil, among the many existing tools to achieve the desired result.

Coconut suntan oil

The main advantage of oil is its natural composition and absolute hypoallergenic. Find today, cosmetic, consisting of only natural products, it is difficult. Because increasingly resorted to the use of pure oils, especially for sensitive skin.

Coconut oil has the ability to easily absorbed without leaving greasy and will not clog pores. It is used both undiluted and is added as a base oil for cosmetics. Among such funds - Tropicana oil and oil firms Nealth & Beauty, besides containing natural components uv-filters.

Olive oil for tanning

Known for its benefits for the skin product is actively used as a suntan. The presence of vitamins E, A, K improves the protective function of the epidermis, moisturizes it, removes harmful substances. Oil allows you to gain an even golden tan, without dehydrating the skin and accelerating the regeneration process.

Among the majority of cosmetic products, including the product is isolated Oil Johnson Baby, which is due to hypoallergenic can be used for children's skin.

Carrot Sun Oil

Useful properties of the oil protect the skin from drying, preventing the formation of wrinkles. Thanks carotene color effects it gives the skin a beautiful shade. One of the drugs containing this product is the Caribbean Breeze, featuring an all-natural composition. However, due to lack of its uv-filters as

Sun Oil
the other vegetable oils, it is recommended to apply only to the skin accustomed to the sun.

Oil tanning

Get a tan, visit any beauty parlor. However, one should choose a special means for protecting the skin, as it is the load on the solarium exceeds ten times the load of the sun. This may cause a loss of elasticity of the epidermis and its premature aging.

Supre oil is characterized by the presence in the composition of tropical plants, components are carefully taken care of your skin.

Creams Soleo, designed specifically for tanning include a series of bronzers that allow you to get the desired skin tone.

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