Mineral oil

Mineral oil

In recent years, women pay more attention to natural cosmetics without the addition of chemicals and synthetic components. Due to the lack of objective information, mineral oil, sometimes undeservedly ranked as number of undesirable components, although it not only does not cause harm to the skin, but also a very positive effect on her.

What are mineral oils?

Describes a substance is a mixture of hydrocarbons extracted from the oil, and subjected to continuous multi-stage cleaning. The main characteristic of mineral oil - transparent oily liquid without taste and smell of a low viscosity.

During processing, any impurities are removed from a mixture consisting of polycyclic chemicals, mineral oil cosmetic therefore completely safe for human skin, it does not contain toxins or poisons. In the manufacture of various products used are usually a substance with very low viscosity and a light texture, high levels of purification.

What is mineral oil is better?

Pick up any makeup you need individually, the same rule applies to the product concerned. Despite minimal oil comedogenic, in some cases it provokes allergies to cosmetics , especially in the problematic type.

The fact that the substance to the epidermis forms a kind of protective barrier in the form of microscopic thinnest film. On the one hand, it prevents moisture loss by cells, soothes irritation, prevents peeling. On the other hand, the coating reduces skin respiration, so that secretions from sebaceous glands may accumulate in the pores and induce rash.

Thus, the presence of problem areas involves selecting a light mineral oil with low viscosity and density. If the normal type of skin, without acne and rashes, may be purchased with money in more concentrated product composition.

Remember good mineral oil does not contain carcinogens and long hydrocarbon structures has no colors, no smell. Even the slightest fragrance indicates insufficient cleaning agents.

Mineral oils in cosmetics

To produce a hygienic and decorative cosmetic active product is applied over a century. The oil is added in order to mitigate the skin, moisturizing, giving elasticity and firmness.

It is also worth noting that the hydrocarbons can be mixed well with additional ingredients dissolve and many other components. Therefore, the mineral oil in lipstick or cream goes well with vegetable oils, extracts and vitamins. Due to these properties, stabilizes the structure of cosmetics, it is better distributed on the skin and is absorbed. Additionally, the product performs transport functions - does not itself absorbed into the epidermis, the oil gives the cells the maximum amount of nutrients, without violating the oxygen metabolism.

Mineral oil

To date, the majority of cosmetic products is not without mineral oil in the composition, because it is thanks to them you can get the desired consistency, the viscosity of the product, provide a comfortable application and tool stability to weather or temperature conditions.

It should be noted that the examination of the substance are obtained from non-renewable raw material - oil. If you stick to environmentally friendly way of life, the mineral oil is not suitable, it is better to use organic cosmetics, although the efficacy and safety of vegetable oils and described almost identical.

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