Anti-aging cosmetics

Anti-aging cosmetics

Time does not stand still and this is particularly acute when you look in the mirror. Cosmetologists all over the world are trying to invent a universal tool that can prolong youth and we can safely say that they have managed to achieve this. We will tell more detail, what anti-aging cosmetics is the most effective and what, in fact, it is necessary to use age.

Classification of anti-aging cosmetics

The main criterion by which selected anti-aging agents - age.

  1. After 25 years, the skin produces more collagen is sufficient but needs intensive cleansing and moisturizing using high-quality natural cosmetics and masks . Use in this age of money-oriented 45+ in order to prevent the formation of wrinkles - is ineffective and harmful.
  2. After 30 years should have recourse to the first anti-aging cream labeled 30+, not forgetting the systematic moisturizing, cleansing skin and facial massage. It is important to protect the face from UV rays.
  3. After 35 and 40, anti-aging cosmetics necessarily be represented by a set of tools designed to maintain optimum levels of collagen, which already produces the body in small amounts. Particular attention should be paid to the eye area (remember to use for the skin around the eyes oil ) which are starting to appear treacherous crow's feet.
  4. After 50 years of anti-aging cosmetics acts differently - a set of tools does not support collagen, and it completely recovers. Former youth face it will not return, but some wrinkles really disappear.

What anti-aging cosmetics is better?

Every woman has a look at for aging skin care. Someone like Grandma's recipes, and someone is hoping for are not cheap means of leading cosmetologists. Select "your" product is possible only by trial and error. Consider the most popular manufacturers of anti-aging cosmetics:

  1. Oriflame (Sweden) - famous for its line of TimeReversing, which includes day and night cream (24 USD), hand cream ($ 10), the area around the eyes (16 USD), and dcollet neck (22 USD), serum for face (25 USD), anti-aging capsule (30 USD).
  2. Faberlic (France) - offers cream, Cream-masks, serums, potions, tonics.
    Anti-aging cosmetics
    The cost of these tools a little cheaper than in Oriflame products.
  3. Olay 45+ (United States, Avon) - available (9 - $ 25) anti-aging agents, which are famous for excellent moisturizing effect.
  4. Of Armani (France) - premium cosmetics, well smoothes wrinkles, so is expensive (115 - 140 USD). Even better and more can only be Dior cosmetics.
  5. Yves Rocher (France) - a well-proven anti-wrinkle cosmetics, contain herbal teas and extracts of Provencal herbs, costs - 20 - 40 USD
  6. One hundred recipes for beauty (Russia) - the means are positioned as only natural. Price budget - an average of 3 cu

Love your look, take care of the skin, especially, pay due attention to it in the teenage years. After the skin condition after 40 shows, if you take good care of his person in his youth.

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