Japanese Face

Japanese Face

Today, an appeal to the Eastern culture is manifested not only in fashion but also in cosmetics. Many believe with good reason that the Japanese cosmetics and effective at the same time is not as harmful as European. Let's see what cosmetic Japanese brands are now available for women in Europe, and most importantly - on a range of these brands should pay special attention.

Japanese professional cosmetics for face

The most popular in our market are the three Japanese brands: Megumi, Kanebo and Satori.

Megumi Japanese cosmetics

This Japanese brand is famous for BB-creams. They may have sunscreens, which is very convenient for the summer season. Also unlike Megumi from others is that the majority of funds for the skin has hyaluronic acid that promotes skin rejuvenation. Including this component to your daily face care, you can prevent the early appearance of wrinkles . This Japanese cosmetics can be purchased in romadoma - specialized online store, if the opportunity to buy the necessary funds in Japan is not.

Japanese Kanebo cosmetics

Kanebo Cosmetics Sensei has notoriety - in July 2013, she began to withdraw their products from store shelves due to the fact that its a bleaching agent for the skin caused adverse effects in users. The company has received thousands of complaints that forced her to take this step.

Therefore, to talk about the quality of Kanebo cosmetics at the moment is not necessary. Prior to this scandalous case it had positive results with respect to different funds, however, for sensitive skin to wash and moisturizer received critical reviews.

Japanese cosmetics Satori

Japanese Face

Satori - a trading house, which is a few Japanese brands, producing cosmetics for the face.

At Satori is the "classic" means of care:

  • lotions for the face;
  • I wash facilities;
  • wetting agents;
  • shampoos and balms for the hair;
  • cosmetics and so on.

In addition, you can find a range of Satori unusual medicinal paste, which contain natural ingredients and give a cosmetic effect - whitening the teeth and shine.

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