How to apply self-tanning?

How to apply self-tanning?

Tanned skin with a smooth bronzed tint tremendous changes the whole image for the better. But sunbathing is not always available and not all are shown. Summer is in full swing, and your skin and "shining" white?

Why not take advantage of a tool that will give body to the desired shade? Moreover, in the process need not so much time, and the effect will be noticeable within a few hours. The main thing in this case - to comply with all the rules of using a special cream. How to apply self-tanning - this is what will be discussed in our article.

How to apply tan without streaks?

Many women after the first use, even the most expensive and high-quality tanning lose hope "instant" tan. And all because instead of smooth natural shade, get blotchy skin, all in divorces and strips. Cherished jar with cream idle on a shelf in the bathroom, or even goes in the trash.

Any tanning - whether it is a cream, lotion or gel - requires the initial preparation of the skin, as well as the testing of the equipment and your own body. Before you begin using tanning, the first thing to check - its shelf life and consistency. Lumps and grains - a true guarantee for skin blemishes and divorces - say that tanning has worn. Next - the detailed instructions of how to apply self-tanning without spots:

  1. Test for allergies - is an important step before applying the self-tanning. Hold it must be the day before the use of funds by applying a small amount of cream on your wrist. If after 12 hours on the skin redness or rash, should choose another cream.
  2. Taking a shower and peeling - an integral part of the procedure. It is important to remember that the skin after a shower should be given 15-20 minutes to cool down and then closing.
  3. After a shower and peeling can be applied to tanning.
  4. At the end of the application of self-tanning is important to give it to soak into the skin. It is advisable not to wear any clothes for 20 minutes, not to wet the skin for 8-10 hours. Therefore it is better if the "sun" you before bedtime. Since tanning can leave dark spots on a light fabric, bedding and night clothes should choose the method "which is not a pity."

How exactly cause tanning?

Uniform distribution of tanning - is what gives the skin an even tone, without dark spots. Here is how evenly-tanning:

  1. Before the application of the need to determine the processing order of the body parts. Since the vehicle starts to act immediately and quickly absorbed, and the procedure itself should be implemented quickly.
  2. In every part of the body it is important to immediately gain the right amount of tanning. Allocate a portion of the skin evenly.
  3. On the knees, elbows and chest area should put less cream, not rubbing it into the skin, because these places are the most susceptible to browning.
  4. During the procedure, not to forget the neck, the back, the transition zone from the face to the neck and ears.

Many immediately the question arises: how to apply self-tanning on the back? Independently get tan on the back is unlikely to happen. Therefore, there can not do without help.

The better to apply tan?

To feel how much funds laid down in the skin unevenly, it is best to apply the tan hands. You can still use medical gloves. But it's easier - without them. After the procedure, you need to wash your hands, do not forget to clean the cream of the skin under the nails brush. For the application of funds on the face are a little wet sponzhikom or cotton swab. By the way, to understand how to apply the tan on the face can recall the usual order of applying makeup base or foundation. The nose, like elbows with knees, do not handle very intense.

How to apply a spray tan?

Means in the form of spray - a handy thing. This tanning rather liquid consistency and is easily distributed over the skin. But still it is not recommended to spray it directly on the body. Thus the probability of obtaining the dark spots increased. Better vyprysnut required number of tanning on the palm and then apply the product to the desired part of the body.

How to apply a lotion, tanning?

Tanning in the form of a lotion or jelly should be applied very quickly. Smooth application provides a liquid form of money.

How to apply self-tanning?
The main thing - to determine the right amount for all parts of the body. If the mix-tanning lotion with moisturizer, a lighter, but a natural and smooth tone.

How to apply the cream-tan?

Tanning Cream - one of the commonest modifications. To lay the cream evenly and not formed spots, you need to distribute it evenly on the palms and then applied to the skin. During the procedure, the uneven layer of cream on the body can be felt. Those places where the cream has turned much as possible to rub with dry hands, or to remove excess tanning, dry cloth.

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