washing oatmeal

washing oatmeal

Today, nobody will be surprised by the fact that the cleanser is made independently and based only on natural ingredients: hand made cosmetics ingrained in our lives since then, as women realized that cosmetic manufacturers do not always offer a safe means, made from the finest natural ingredients .

So, one of the most popular and available components in the means for washing - osvyanka. It is great to cleanse the skin, gently exfoliates dead skin cells, and at the same time covers it with a protective film containing nutrients. Oatmeal cleanser is suitable for dry skin type, and fat, and for the problem, since it is not aggressive on the skin.

Means for washing the face with oatmeal

Today, there are a lot of funds made by the manufacturer and contain oatmeal extract. But of course the fact that 50% of the benefits of oatmeal if it is in the form of an extract, disappears: for washing are important not only nutrients, but the abrasive properties of oatmeal, as when washing the skin should be cleansed not only from pollution, but also to get rid of dead skin cells .

Therefore, the best means for washing of oatmeal consists of a whole or slightly crushed flakes, but not in any way of oat powder or extract.

Recipe gel cleanser

  1. Soap-base Organic Liquid Castile Soap Base - 4 parts. This soap base is created from only natural ingredients, so it is suitable for washing sensitive skin.
  2. Distillirovanaaya water for washing - Part 1, it is necessary to form a light foam.
  3. Oatmeal - 2 parts. It allowed large or fine grinding, but it is better to use it in whole form.
  4. Additional ingredients depending on the skin type.

Recipe for cleanser for dry skin

Washing the face with dry skin should be done with warm water. Add to the recipe of the gel base 1 tsp grape seed oil and 4 drops of essential oil of tea tree.

Mix all the ingredients with a mixer, pre izmelichiv oatmeal, if necessary, and the cleanser is prepared. Use it every day 2 times a day, after the makeup remover.

Washing for oily skin

Mix the ingredients of the recipe of the base and add a few drops of grapefruit extract, because it helps to balance sebaceous glands. Thereafter, using a whisk mixer resulting mixture. Cooking cleanser oily skin, it is better not to grind oatmeal, since in this case it has a better abrasive effect. If oily skin is sensitive, then it means you can add 1 tbsp olive oil and make oatmeal finely ground to less traumatize the skin.

To achieve the best effect, the procedure can be done with a brush for washing - in this case, the peeling will be more careful, but if there is inflammation in the skin, then this device should be abandoned for a while.

Washing for problem skin

Problem skin needs mild exfoliation, a good moisturizing and disinfecting measures that contribute to the destruction of the bacteria.

washing oatmeal
For these purposes, the basic recipe for the gel cleanser with oatmeal add 1 tsp salt which must be dissolved in water before use, and wheat germ oil - 1 tablespoon

Mix all ingredients, then whisk them by a mixer. Oatmeal for problem skin, it is desirable to grind, so as not to injure the inflamed areas.

Applying this tool on a daily basis, do not forget to use a moisturizer, because the salt dehydrates the skin, and this can lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, to mitigate aggressive influence of salt on the skin, there is a part of wheat germ oil, which nourishes the tissue and reduces inflammation.

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