Harmful substances in cosmetics

Harmful substances in cosmetics

Beauty requires sacrifice. But it happens that these sacrifices are so great that the opposite sex, you will see a sympathetic smile staff cosmetology clinic instead of admiring glances. Not all creams are created equal. Some cosmetics may contain in its composition is so dangerous pollutants that after their application seriously physicians may need help. Where did the harmful substances and why we can not do without them in the composition of cosmetics?

Composition of cosmetics

Unfortunately, it is harmful substances that make up cosmetics, often give the product a "presentation". Let's see what the price gets us some attractive characteristics of cosmetic products:

  1. Attractive texture. Owners of dry skin inclined to buy creams with an oily texture, because it is more thoroughly nourishes the skin. The basis of these cosmetic products are mineral or industrial oils, the use of which leads to allergic rashes and skin exhaustion.
  2. The homogeneity of the cream. This is the result sought by the use of emulsifiers. Their excessive content in cosmetics leads to skin dysfunction, dryness and tightness.
  3. Longer storage provide preservatives, namely their use of cosmetics for the prolongation of life. The problem is that suppressing bacterial flora, preservatives simultaneously adversely influence the human cell. Most often for this purpose as part of cosmetic use parabens.
  4. The pleasant scent. Fragrances instead of essential oils. These harmful substances in cosmetics often causes severe dermatitis.

We hope that from now on you will be closely looking at the labels of cosmetic novelties, and even better - try to use only natural cosmetics.

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