Parabens in cosmetics

Parabens in cosmetics

Almost every woman enjoys the daily cosmetics, body care and personal hygiene. But not every representative of the fairer sex thinks about the fact that a part of these funds and the impact on the skin, they can provide. This article focuses on parabens in cosmetics.

Parabens in cosmetics have been used recently. In the pursuit of profit and the desire to extend the shelf life of cosmetic products, manufacturers began to use parabens. Paraben is a highly effective preservative, which has anti-fungal and antiseptic effect, which allows to store cosmetic product for a long time. However, recently scientists have found that parabens are harmful to the human body.

The more dangerous and harmful parabens?

Despite the fact that parabens present in very small doses in shampoos, creams and other cosmetics, they tend to accumulate in the human body. European scientists have empirically determined that having reached a critical mass in the body, parabens may begin working on the endocrine system, contributing to the formation of malignant cells. This is due to the fact that parabens structure resembles the structure in cosmetics female hormone estrogen. However, this finding did not was the fact that the use of parabens in cosmetics stopped. Most manufacturers believe this discovery is only conjectural, and continue to release their products with the same composition.

Injury of paraben, also, is that these agents are often sufficiently cause severe allergic reactions in humans.

Cosmetics without parabens

After it has been made public the opening of European scientists, many consumers are wary of cosmetics containing parabens, and others, and does, have ceased to use it.

Experts recommend not to panic and not to engage in deciphering the composition of each cosmetic product. However, those who want to go to shampoos, creams and other cosmetics without parabens, should pay attention to the presence of special labeling on the packaging. Some manufacturers, in order not to lose their customers, produce special cosmetics series, which does not contain parabens. "Without parabens", you can find a sticker on each such vehicle.

In today's market of hair care shampoos were without sulfates and parabens. Sulfates - are substances which form in the shampoo lather. Their negative impact on the human body has not yet been scientifically proven, but many European scientists assert that the effect of sulphate not less harmful than the damage parabens.

To completely eliminate the possibility of adverse effects of parabens on the body, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition not only creams and shampoos. It is, also, to get toothpaste and deodorant without parabens.

Parabens in cosmetics
Toothpaste without parabens can be found in domestic and European manufacturers. For example, high quality and the absence of parabens different toothpaste Weleda.

"Harmful if parabens and whether to buy a means of their composition?" - Everyone has for himself to answer this question, pre-acquainted with all the available information on these substances. In any case, you should know that are harmless but a properly fitted folk remedies, based solely on herbs and other natural ingredients.

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