Medical cosmetics

Medical cosmetics

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals differ functionally. The first task - to take care of a person's appearance, the second - for his health Medical Care combines both functions, and therefore deservedly becoming more popular every year.. Just decided not to medicine or perfume, it refers, but most medical cosmetics sold in pharmacies. If the usual cosmetics only masks the appearance of defects, the healing of their fixes, affecting the skin and its underlying layers. On the other hand, if the drugs are taken only for the treatment of diseases, medical cosmetics used more to restore beauty and often ingested.

Currently available professional medical cosmetics, mass and elite. First used in specialized beauty salons, the second - the house, the third - is used anywhere but is produced in small batches fashion houses, laboratories, institutes for special recipes using the newest and most advanced technology. It is clear that it is very expensive and not available to all.

If the original was made only medical cosmetics for problem skin, it is now possible to find a treatment for nails, hair and teeth. Cosmetics externally looks just like a normal, but ointments, creams, lotions, lipsticks, pencils, emulsions and other products are added to drugs which are absorbed into the skin and produce a revitalizing effect. Each produced a sample undergoes a series of rigorous tests and experiments, involving at least 500 people. Medical cosmetics is released from pharmacies without a prescription, but haphazardly and recklessly use it is not necessary. As with any medicine, different kinds of such cosmetics have contraindications. This universal no drugs, different brands of medical products designed to solve specific problems of cosmetology. The composition may include drugs such as chemical compounds and natural organic substances -. Herbs, honey, beeswax, essential and vegetable oils Natural Cosmetics contains no chemical additives synthesized. This does not mean that it is obviously useful - it all depends on the purpose of use. The most common medical cosmetics for the face. It allows you to smooth wrinkles, stop the aging of the skin, get rid of acne and pimples, and sometimes more, and forms a protective film that protects the face from exposure to external stimuli. Available Cosmetics for face mainly in the form of tonics, creams, lotions, milks, gels. Medical cosmetics is to hide

Medical cosmetics
defects on the skin as long as these defects treated.

Medical cosmetics leg fatigue, swelling, pain, kills fungus, stimulates circulation. And Cosmetics Nail will help improve and strengthen this powerful weapon of feminine charm.

How to choose a medical cosmetics? First of all, you need to consult a doctor, who will determine that it is better to use. When you purchase is necessary to look at the composition of the drug and find out contraindications. It is useful to ask about the reputation that they have, and other manufacturers of medical cosmetics. Cosmetics questionable firms should be avoided, even if it is cheap. The consequences can be absolutely not what you expected. From the world's best manufacturers of medical cosmetics producing La Roche-Posay, LED Laboratoires, Vichy, Laboratoire Bioderma, A-Derma. From the Russian - Mirra-Lux and Faberlik. A good producer has ISO certification.

Finally, the need to use a medical cosmetics is not constant, and for a certain period.

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