Powder for Oily Skin

Powder for Oily Skin

All girls and women want to look beautiful, and how wonderful that it had invented a different kind of makeup that helps us to hide and fight with our minor flaws. Someone to "get" black spots, excessive dryness of the skin, and premature facial wrinkles, but for someone to become a real disaster oily facial skin.

Oily skin is fraught with many problems - greasy luster face, acne and large pores. On a bad skin keeps makeup, which is why in such cases require special care and the appropriate cosmetics. As it is known is a powder foundation make-up and powder for oily skin is not only a component of make-up, but also a great way to get rid of the disadvantages. Since the powder for oily skin does not clog pores, and thus allows the skin to "breathe" - it will not give the possibility of acne attacks your face. Besides compact powder for oily skin eliminates the fat shine and keep makeup in its original form throughout the day.

Types of powder for oily skin

There are a huge number of various types of powder, this loose powder for oily skin, powder cream matting powder, powder-based mineral tones and powder for oily skin. Each type has its own advantages and features of use.

  1. Matting powder for oily skin perfectly absorbs sweat, so is simply indispensable in the summer, in the cool time of its actual use to the recreational activities, banquets, noisy celebrations, going to the movies. Matting powder prevents skin luster, creating a light matte effect. Often a small amount of matting powder boxes, allowing compact powder for oily skin fit even in the smallest purse.
  2. Cream powder for oily skin useful for walking on the street, because in addition to the decorative properties, it contains substances that protect the skin from negative environmental influences. Also, it is rational to use in the colder months of the year, because it does not dry the skin, which means the person does not lose moisture, and the skin will stay longer fresh and attractive.
  3. Mineral powder for oily skin, at the moment is the most popular. This type of powder is hypoallergenic and in addition to the effect of matting mineral powder gives the face an attractive "satin gleam of", while the face looks lively and natural.
  4. Loose powder is considered to be the best powder for oily skin. Most often it is used in the home, because it involves the use of a broad brush for application. However, here too, there are compact versions. The main advantage is that loose powder for oily skin to lay down a uniform layer, gives the skin a velvety texture and is the final step in the application makiya Ms.

With a large choice of existing powders, to obtain the title of the best powder for oily skin will be able to only that which is suitable not only for your skin type, and it is to your face and will meet all your requirements.

Choose a powder for oily skin

To search for an ideal powder should approach thoroughly. It is advisable to test

Powder for Oily Skin
powders of different price categories and manufacturers. If you choose this cosmetic product, the first thing you need to immediately turn their attention to this part of powder - powder for oily skin should not contain oils. Then it should define the view, which may be a cream powder, friable powder, mineral, powder in beads, etc. Having defined the choice type, proceed to the choice of colors. Many cosmetologists are advised to apply the powder at the time of testing on the back of your hand or wrist, but for oily skin of the face is important to put more powder on the face itself, so you can more accurately find the right shade.

Only in the case of true matched powder can achieve a quality makeup. Perfectly matched, the best powder for oily skin to protect the environment, allow the skin to breathe freely and at the same time does not dry it. Thanks to all these qualities you will look attractive at any time and under any circumstances.

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