Tone Cream for dry skin in winter

Tone Cream for dry skin in winter

Winter foundation from summer palette is not only, but also the composition and, accordingly, properties. Winter means provide a "velvet" covering. They may be represented not only by liquid tone cream, creamy and compact powder. How to choose a foundation for the winter - let's talk about this in our article.

What foundation is best to use in the winter?

With the arrival of winter, it is not necessary to write off the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, so that in the cream, as before, must be present SPF-filters.

Avoid use in winter compact powder , because it dries the skin. It is better to replace it with matting napkins.

Since the winter, our skin becomes paler gradually losing summer tan, it's time to change the color of makeup, including foundation. It should become less intense, to the color of the face, neck and hands had no striking contrast.

The best creams for dry skin in winter

If you do not know what kind of foundation is better to choose for the winter, should heed the advice of experts. Among their recommendations:

  1. Christian Dior DiorSkin Icone Photo Perfect Creme To Powder - a good concealer with the effect of "fotoretushi". It softens the skin, smoothes small wrinkles. It can be used daily. Matting effect lasts throughout the day. The skin of the regular use of the cream becomes soft and smooth.
  2. Lancome Photogenic Lumessence - tone cream with smoothing effect. Eliminates skin roughness, fine wrinkles, and pearlescent particles reflect light, scatter it, so natural skin tone is maintained throughout the day. Hydrated cream skin becomes supple and soft, but thanks to UV filters does not threaten your skin over-drying and photoaging.
  3. Extra Repair Foundation SPF25 BobbiBrown - this dense tone cream is ideal for dry skin in the winter season. It perfectly protects against adverse factors
    Tone Cream for dry skin in winter
    like wind and frost, as well as changes in temperature. With it the skin looks completely smooth and youthful. The formula contains anti-aging components.
  4. Wild Rose Foundation Korres - incredibly stable foundation, it is very easy to apply. It gives the skin a natural color and smoothness. Thanks to the wild rose extract smooths wrinkles and makes the skin healthy and radiant.
  5. JA-DE Advance Wear Foundation SPF 9 - cream with optimal balance. Suitable for all skin types, as is able to adapt to the peculiarities of each of them. It provides a smooth complexion and a smooth matte layer.

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