Base under the shadow

Base under the shadow

Any woman knows - in order to make up lies flat, had a neat appearance, needed basis. And in general, the makeup base - the product is quite common. The eyes in this case is no exception, but because the skin is much more delicate and sensitive in this area, and the base under the shade is better to take a separate, specially designed for this purpose.

The advantages of using a base eye shadow that then make up lies flatter, will be more stable, the shadow will not slide. Additionally, some databases also have tinting properties, will help even out skin color and give it the desired shade. The best base for the shade is widely regarded as products Urban Decay, but it refers to the highest price category and are not always present in the market. Because we look at other popular brands, their main advantages and disadvantages.

Base under the shadow of Artdeko

Base flesh color, with a light tinted effect. In the opinion of easily and evenly applied, masks vessels and helps to even out skin tone. Among the shortcomings noted sufficiently pronounced odor (if not buy special embodiment odorless), and that it is produced in a small jar (5 ml), with screw cap, so the base may not be very convenient for the application scoop.

Base under the shadow of Lumen

Medium skin color, shadows and prevents the slide has a light masking effect. It is necessary to apply a thin layer, because in large amounts can roll with the shadow applied. Long-lasting, but can be lubricated. Available in plastic tubes, easy to apply. It belongs to the category of the mass market, roughly half the price of the previous one.

Base under the shadow of Essence

Budget option that combines concealer and foundation for the shadow. Matting skin masks dark circles under the eyes, but the specific resistance is different. Available in solid plastic tube (4 ml) with an applicator, such as lip gloss.

Base under the shadow of Letual

The base is in the same price category as Artdeko. Base texture resembles a powder when applied to the skin can not be seen sufficiently resistant and enhances color shades. Available in plastic boxes with hinged lid (like a shadow).

Base under the shadow of Vivienne Sabo

The fixing base under the shade of a creamy texture. Enough proof falls on the skin well, inexpensive. Available in a jar with a screw cap and an applicator for applying is not attached, that can be attributed to the downside. Otherwise, the low-budget options on this product very positive feedback.

Base under the shadow of their own hands

And finally, consider the case when the base under the shade was not at hand, as it is needed, and what can replace it.

If you have the time and desire to produce the very base, you can use the following options:

  1. A mixture of chapstick, cornstarch and appropriate to your skin tone cream .
    Base under the shadow
    Lipstick should previously hold in a warm place, so that it softened, and then mix it with cream and starch in a ratio of 1: 2: 2, and mixed thoroughly.
  2. Another option would be a mixture of petroleum jelly (3 parts), low-fat cream day (part 1), foundation (3 parts) and powder. Powder is added in the required amount in order to thicken the resulting mixture and give it the desired shade.

Also, if the base is needed urgently, to replace it often suggest using simple hygienic lipstick, the best - without any flavor and aromatic additives. But there should be more careful, apply lipstick with a finger or a brush for eyelids, in a small amount, because if you overdo it, you will shine and shadows will fall unevenly.

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