Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliner helps make the look more vivid, which allows to attract attention. But, even if the use of eyeliner requires long training, yet its popularity is growing. The arrows marked on the eye eyeliner, looks very impressive, especially if eyeliner matched in tone to the shadows .

Liquid eyeliner comes with a separate brush, which is built into the bottle cap. Most often the basis for such a liner serves alcohol or water. The easiest way to use eyeliner pencil, which makes no such clear and regular lines, that can cope with the emerging flaws when creating makeup.

How to paint eyes liquid eyeliner?

The main rule, which must be strictly followed when applying eyeliner, is patience. If you can not exactly draw an arrow, do not rush to wash it. Wait a couple of seconds when it is dry, and modify the defects using the shadows or contour pencil.

To evenly apply eyeliner and prevent slips, you must stretch the elbow on a table or other flat surface with the hand should be placed as close as possible to the face.

And here is how to draw the eye liner liquid, so they turned neatly:

  1. To do so, keep the line as close to the lash.
  2. In order not to spoil the makeup applied eyeliner better than one entire line, and small strokes.
  3. To make eyes look more natural, you need to feather arrows.

Owners of small nature of their eyes may significantly increase if the arrow to start to lead from the middle of the century. The arrow at the same time should grow closer to the outer corner of the eye.

Those who seek to visually reduce the size of the eye, begin to lead an arrow goes from the inner corner of the eye, approaching to the outside.

What eyeliner choose?

Often the question of how to make up a liquid eye liner accompanied by a matter of choice of good liner, which would satisfy all the requirements.

Liquid Eyeliner

Quite resistant and easy to use eyeliner is Lancome Artliner Eyeliner Pinceau-Mousse Trace Dense . The advantage of this liner is in a convenient applicator, which allows you to draw an arrow of different thicknesses. The advantages include rich color, does not lose its brightness all day.

A good liquid eyeliner can be called eyeliner MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner because of its durability suited for use in hot weather and during outdoor activities. Draw arrows this eyeliner is very easy thanks to its gel structure. It allows you to precisely apply eyeliner without much effort.

Not bad rests on eyeliner Chanel Ecriture Liquid Eyeliner, which is not erased in the heat, in discos and during outdoor activities.

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