Soviet mascara

Soviet mascara

In the modern world, just go to any cosmetic shop, and you will immediately be offered dozens of brands of mascara for eyelashes to choose from: there are water-resistant, and to increase the volume and variety of colors. But back in the 80s in the USSR mascara limited to just a few brands. It was evening, Terry and the legendary Leningrad, which produced today, and that some women are even with the current huge choice of mascara.

What is the Soviet mascara?

While mascara was pretty scarce commodity, so that women are often even used various substitutes on the basis of Vaseline and soot, burning matches or crushed pencil lead. The fact that the issue of specialized cosmetic products in the USSR was not, and the ink produced in the factories of theater as a make-up element, along with theatrical makeup or adhesive mustache, and therefore find it on the shelves was not easy.

Leningrad mascara

This legendary Soviet ink produced (and, incidentally, is still produced) in the form of briquettes, complete with brush. It was at this cosmetic accessories and popular name - "Plevako". The story of his appearance is funny and simple: in order to make up the eyelashes, mascara had to soak and Soviet ladies usually just spat in the box with the ink dry before you dial it on the brush. Since the brush (like a miniature toothbrush) was not too convenient for the uniform application of mascara, and soaked dry ink is not always homogeneous, eyelashes stick together and to separate them using a needle or sharpened match. Frankly speaking, not the most secure method of applying mascara. However, now the situation is much simpler, and those who use this mascara, just buy a special brush or take them separately from the other carcass, to not risk their own eyes.

In the opinion of the Leningrad mascara gives intense color and even a good amount , so women use it even today. The main drawback of this mascara was that if it enters the eye, it causes intense burning and irritation, so it must be removed within a few seconds, or you can pass the whole day with reddened and inflamed eye.

The composition of the Leningrad mascara

If the search and find the most Soviet mascara, it can be read on the box structure. It comprises soaps, stearin, beeswax, ceresin, vaseline oil, soot, perfume. As we can see, no specific harmful ingredients contained no ink. You could say it was a natural product without preservatives and frightening many different harmful compounds. The fact that the present composition of soap, and was a source of irritation in contact with the carcass in his eyes, but no other dangerous consequences should not expect it.

Since the brand was very well known and popular throughout the Soviet Union, it occurs in the sale so far and is worth a penny. However, if you look at the current composition of the carcass called "Leningrad", which can be found on any market,

Soviet mascara
there will be not at all the components that many years ago. In the box you look at the white wax of TEA stearate, acacia extract, water, methylparaben, perfume composition, the CI 77499, 77019 the CI, the CI 77007, 77289 the CI, the CI 77891.

That is why you can find reviews of fake Leningrad mascara, although it would seem, who need to forge a cheap, not waterproof , dry ink, which in this case is quite complicated to apply. But, nonetheless, fans of "classic" of the Leningrad mascara may well talk about the fake compared to the embodiment, so popular in the 80s of XX century. Hence - and mixed reviews, from enthusiastic to neutral and negative.

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