Volume Mascara

Volume Mascara

Eyes - not only the mirror of the soul. Carefully painted eyes give the image a finished look, do makeup more vivid, seductive look, and its owner even more attractive. Even in ancient times, girls and women are tinted eyes ... black. She showered, smeared, badly washed off. But beauty, as is known, requires sacrifice. But even after centuries soot it remains one of the components of mascara .

Types and composition of mascara

Manufacturers offer various kinds of products: waterproof mascara lengthens and bulk ink, color and curls. Many choose exactly bulk ink, because it simultaneously gives lashes length and makes them more fluffy, giving a special look expressive.

The mascara composition comprises carbon black, water, resins, dyes and nutrients. Nutrients to prevent breakage of the cilia, to protect them from the effects of dyes, strengthen and nourish them. Preservatives and stabilizers do not give the life of bacteria. Many manufacturers have also added to the ink and vitamin complexes that additionally look after the cilia. Composition mascara, of course, may vary depending on the species and from the manufacturer.

Who needs a volume mascara?

Volume mascara for those who by nature are rare, not very long eyelashes. Typically, this type comprises a carcass composed of wax in which enveloping eyelashes, making them more dense, thick and long. Bulk ink due to the content of the wax is easy to recognize the consistency - it is thick and sticky even.

How to paint eyelashes mascara?

Even the best volume mascara will make your eyes brighter, if properly applied. Firstly, the mirror needs to look down to not hit ink on the upper eyelid. Secondly, the eyelashes need to paint zigzag movements. For larger volume of eyelashes can be powdered and apply a second coat of mascara, but only after first drying. And do not forget to wash the brush with water after use, to not remain in the tube and the hairs do not form clumps, reducing the time life of your mascara.

High volume mascara

What volume mascara is better, of course, everyone chooses for himself. Small comparative characteristics of the carcass known manufacturers will not let you get lost in the huge amount of products and choose the mascara that will make your look captivating, alluring, sexy.

Mascara Christian Dior Diorshow Black Out

  1. Pluses: well applied, long kept, has a thick, deep black color and gives a good volume.
  2. Disadvantages: dries quickly.

Volume mascara Oriflame «The effect of velvet"

  1. Advantages: no flaking, spreads, helps to create a natural makeup.
  2. Disadvantages: expensive, formed lumps, uncomfortable brush, gluing eyelashes.

Volume Express Rocket

  1. Pluses: good to apply, lasts a long time and gives a good volume, lengthens, inexpensive.
  2. Minuses: not revealed.

Volume mascara Bourjois Queen Attitude

  1. Advantages: convenient brush, and gives volume and length, saturated color.
    Volume Mascara
  2. Disadvantages: relatively expensive.

Mascara waterproof volume Rimmel Volume Flash

  1. Pluses: good waterproof effect , not showered, easily applied, brush handy.
  2. Disadvantages: very small volume.

The taste and color of comrades is not - well-known proverb says, and that does not fit someone else might be perfect for you. The main thing when buying mascara always pay attention to the expiration date still try to give preference to well-known, trusted brands.

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