Cream blush

Cream blush

Recently rouge with a creamy texture are the favorites of a large number of well-known make-up artists. This is primarily due to the fact that with their help, you can easily get the natural effect of blush on the cheeks. Cream Blush - flawless make-up element, which gives shine, color and a playful expression, and a way of correcting small defects of the skin and perfect modeling features.

Selection rouge

Cream blush is a great solution to make up for dry and dehydrated skin. Thanks to moisturizing and nourishing oils in their texture, they can easily lie down and hold on long enough.

Before you purchase a rouge with a creamy texture, you need to look at your skin tone. If she tends to pale or gray notes, it is best to buy a light pink blush. Nature endowed you have dark skin? You are perfect peach or blush crimson scales.

Cream Blush have the ability to compensate for the lack of moisture, so they are the best option for mature women, whose skin begins to fade with age and becomes dry. Due to its components blush a beneficial effect on the skin, give it a healthy appearance, freshness and beauty.

How to use cream blush?

Before you use cream blush, be sure to prepare your skin is necessary. Apply them to your cleansed face, moistened with a nourishing cream, after the tone means, but before powder. This procedure is necessary to give a natural makeup , healthy glow and consolidate the results for a long time. If properly applied, such blush, the correct make-up is no longer necessary.

To blush appear natural and not create the effect of "nesting dolls", pay attention to the shape of your face:

  • elongated type involves applying cream blush on the forehead, chin and cheeks;
  • triangular and round face blush frame only at the temples and cheeks;
  • pear-shaped and oval-shaped type of supplement makeup with blush on the cheeks;
  • rectangular face requires the application of the cream blush on the upper and lower cheekbones.

To make up looked natural, it is important to know not only how, but also how much to apply cream blush. Universal quantity does not exist, for each person is an individual measure. Use a brush to apply not, as fingers or sponzhik distributing on the desired area of the face. Surpluses can shade in a circular motion or mislead. Over time, you will understand what the optimal amount of cream blush you need for a perfect make-up.

Stamps cream blush

A survey among members of the fairer sex has determined what the best cream blush. The leaders in this segment of the cosmetics are Diorblush Cheek Crme and YSL Crme de Blush, they are best applied and held. This cream blush not freeze immediately when applied, which allows the process of make-up

Cream blush
Saturation control.

The positive aspects Diorblush Cheek Crme include:

  • delicate texture, which visually accentuates the natural brilliance person;
  • the absence of specific noxious fumes;
  • unique texture, which creates a natural coating.

A cream blush YSL Crme de Blush absolutely not whimsical to use and do not leave the boundaries of the application. Among the disadvantages of these marks can be noted only a small palette of colors. But, given their superior texture, the ability not to lubricate the tonal foundation and that they melt on contact with one finger, then a little less, you can close your eyes. Especially wonderful peach and pink cream blush these producers are suitable for almost all skin tones.

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